Norwex for the Holidays

One of the common objections I hear this time of year is that “No one will want to come to a cleaning party because these aren’t really gift items.” I completely understand that train of thought, but it is flawed. Here are three reasons to consider Norwex at the holidays:

  1. If you celebrate the holiday season in your home with family and friends, you will want your house to be a CLEAN and inviting environment. All of my childhood holiday memories include a furious cleaning day / morning before the guests would arrive to our home. Floors had to be mopped and bathrooms cleaned. The front room had to be dusted (this was my job as a child for a time) and the kitchen had to be prepped to handle a lot of cooking. What if it would take your guests about half the time to prep their homes with Norwex? Spoiler alert: it would. No more stinky chemicals to cover up with copious amounts of holiday-scented candles either.
  2. When I am asked what I most want to receive for Christmas, the first thought that runs through my head is, “How about a bill payment or another hour in the day?” If you are like me, the most important things to me right now are intangible. Many of us never seem to accumulate enough time or enough money to do what we would like to do. When you gift someone Norwex, you are giving them both. They will save money on cleaning supplies and laundering (big bucks!) and will also be able to clean more quickly and effectively. Seriously. Give it a shot and make someone’s life better for the new year!
  3. Norwex carries something for everyone. My party sales in November and early December are the highest average of the entire year. Need something for the men in your life? Consider our Car Wash Mitt and Car Cloth made with the most advanced microfiber technology in the world. Don’t know what to purchase for your sister-in-law? Consider our vegan and toxin-free Olive Oil Salt Scrub and Organic Shea Butter with Avocado Oil. Teachers love our Travel EnviroCloths and Natural Hand Cleaner. There is a fantastic flyer below that outlines some amazing product combinations at all different price points.

The possibilities are endless!

There is still time to host a party in November or early December, but my calendar is filling up fast! Want to earn some extremely generous host rewards but don’t have time to host? Consider a catalog or online party. You can earn your wishlist for free while you share the gift of Norwex with others in your life. To see the November Host Rewards, click below.

November Host Specials

Ready to host a party? Contact me. You can also check out our brand new products for Fall 2016 by clicking on each product name below. Let’s make this holiday season the most meaningful gift exchange yet! My best sellers are marked with as asterisk.

Personal Care:

Body Scrub Mitt*

Cooling Mint Toothpaste

Kids Strawberry Toothpaste*

Natural Deodorant Stick

For the Family:

3-in-1 Car Mitt*

Kids Pet to Dry Brown Bear

Kids Pet to Dry Grey Kitten*

Optic Scarf – Camouflage

Pet Towel

Pet Mitt*

For the Home:

Biodegradable Cutting Board

Chenille Hand Towel*


Essential Oil Soothing Blend

Essential Oil Purifying Blend

Essential Oil Energizing Blend

Wrinkle Release Spray*

Norwex Superior Mop Systems

I have said it before and I will say (write) it again: the Norwex Large Superior Mop is a game-changer when it comes to getting and keeping floors clean. Despite the fact that I have only one living space in my home without carpet, I find myself reaching for my mop several times per week at parties and to show friends at my children’s playdates.

Top 10 Ways the Superior Mop System is Different from Other Mops:

  1. The Superior Mop System can remove up to 99% of bacteria from your floors using only WATER. Simply sweep with the dry mop pad to pick up pet hair, dust and crumbs. Then follow with a damp wet mop pad to remove any stuck-on grime that is left behind.
  2. The lack of chemical floor cleaner keeps floors from becoming sticky with build-up or attracting dust. Floors stay cleaner longer when there isn’t a chemical product on them to attract more grime.
  3. Our mops work on ALL floor types. Yes, this includes linoleum, hardwood, ceramic tile, porcelain tile and more. Just not carpet. When you had your hardwood floors installed, you were probably told not to use water on them. This is because having STANDING water on them could damage them. However, the Norwex mop does not allow for any standing water to remain on the floor (I find the floors dry in 15-30 seconds) and you don’t have to worry about damaging the floor with chemicals.
  4. Our wet mop pad contains microsilver. Norwex BacLock technology makes it possible for your mop pad to self-sanitize after use. Simply rinse in hot water after using, rubbing the fibers together to encourage them to release any trapped dirt. You can use a drop of dishwashing liquid if your pad is particularly dirty. Then once the water runs clear, simply hang the pad to dry and the silver will go to work to prevent odor from mold, mildew and bacteria. You can use the pad several times before washing in the machine–usually 2-3 weeks.
  5. Our mop (including the Telescopic Mop Handle) has a 2-year warranty. This is twice the warranty that comes with the leading mop on the market –and at least 10x the mopping power!
  6. Norwex Superior Mops SAVE MONEY. There are no refills or filters to buy ever.
  7. Our Telescopic Mop Handle is adjustable to height. This means that everyone from short to tall (including children) can use this mop. You won’t aggravate your back due to improper height.
  8. The mop locks at the base to allow you to tackle walls and ceilings. The mildew that my husband removed from our bathroom ceiling with the wet mop pad has not returned in almost 12 months. Removing everything from the surface actually keeps a lot of pesky bacteria from repopulating and returning only weeks later.
  9. Optional mop brackets allow you to attach a Window Cloth to clean skylights and high windows in your home.
  10. You can earn a mop system FREE by hosting a party in August* or by joining my team. Parties can take place at your home, in a coffee shop, at your workplace (if allowed), or even on Facebook. If you decide to join my growing Norwex team, you receive a Large Superior Mop system in your free** starter kit. Click on the links below for more information.

Host a Party in August

Join My Team!

*requires $550 in sales, 1 booking and 3 buying guests. The average Norwex party is $580 in sales. For a complete list of August Host Rewards, go to August Host & Customer Specials.
**The starter kit is free with a $9.99 shipping and handling charge. For more details on the starter kit, go to Join My Team.

June Host Specials

Thinking of getting a few friends together and hosting a Norwex presentation in June? Take a look at all of the amazing items you can earn from your Wish List for FREE!

June Hostess Rewards

Norwex’s 4-Star Hosting Program earns you rewards in four ways:

1 Star:

Earn FREE shipping/handling with 3+ buying guests!

Earn FREE Products with 5+ buying guests!

2 Star:

Receive 8-12% of Your Party Sales in FREE Product!

3 Star:

Earn a Free Window Cloth for the first party booked from your party!

Earn a Reusable Grocery Tote with BacLock for the second party booked from your party!

4 Star:

Earn 1 of 4 Monthly Host Specials when you have a minimum of 3 buying guest, 1 booking and $350 in sales!

Ready to book a presentation in June? Contact me HERE.