Bleach Wipes on the School Supply List?

In recent years, the discovered toxicity of bleach/disinfectant wipes has led many school districts to forego the usual request on back to school supply lists. Unfortunately, you may still see them on your child’s supply list, making you wonder if they are truly necessary.

If you have never looked at the back of a tub of disinfectant wipes carefully, you might not know that they specifically state to keep out of reach of children. They also state to wash your hands after using them and that you must allow a surface to stay visibly wet for 7-10 minutes in order for them to disinfect. Lastly, all of the tubs of standard disinfectant wipes that I have seen also state to wipe the disinfected surface with a damp cloth afterward if the surface will come in contact with food (or your child’s hands, which will inevitably touch food or their mouths, right?). Our skin is our largest organ–it makes sense that in most cases we shouldn’t put anything on it that we wouldn’t put in our mouths.


As parents, we have the ability to vote for change in our schools with our actions and our dollars. Instead of purchasing disposable wipes that pose risk to our children, we can bring alternatives like the Norwex EnviroCloth or EnviroCloth Travel Pack. Norwex microfiber removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. In fact, instead of going to the sink to wash your hands after using a disinfecting wipe, wetting a Norwex cloth will take about the same time. Also, our cloths come with a two-year warranty, meaning that your child can use the same cloth for at least two years (and likely much longer)!

Want to purchase a set of EnviroCloths or a travel pack for your child’s classroom? You can place your order on my Norwex website HERE.

Want to create a campaign to get these reusable, incredible cloths in children’s hands at the school level? Contact me and I will set up an easy ordering system and information for distribution.

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