New Products for Fall 2018

Fall is, hands down, my favorite time of the year! Leaves will be falling in a month or so, apple-picking season begins here in Michigan, and I can almost smell the cool-weather bonfires and pumpkin spiced everything! The other part of autumn that I LOVE is the release of the new Norwex 2018 Fall Catalog and new products.

fall catalog

This year, Norwex gave several of our top selling products a Nordic Naturals makeover, in colors that certainly will complement any modern decor. Check out the updates made to your favorite products below:

EnviroCloth: The Norwex EnviroCloth is now available in five colors: Blue, Graphite, Green, NEW Champagne and NEW Rose Quartz. This is the same EnviroCloth we all love, just updated with two new color options!EnviroCloth-Colors-2018

Travel Pack: The changes made the EnviroCloth also affect the popular Travel Pack. It now contains all five EnviroCloth colors!new-travel-cloths

Reusable Wet Wipes Bag: This handy bag for carrying cloths on-the-go now comes in two new designs: Diamond and Floral.wet wipes bags

Window Cloth: In addition to the popular purple color, you can now order a Window Cloth in Pink Opal.norwex window cloths

Dusting Mitt: This was a special a few months back. Now the Graphite Dusting Mitt is available in the catalog, along with Blue and Green.

Superior Mop System: The Green/Blue Mop is still available, but have you seen this gorgeous Gold / Rose Gold / Silver version? WOW. Now our mop truly looks like the Cadillac of all mops.

Reusable Napkins: In addition to our Slate and Peacock colors, we now have the napkins in a Leaf Pattern (it also has a smoother texture).

Optic Scarf: Where would I be as a glasses-wearer without one of these? Joining our previous patterns of Butterfly, Bird, Multi, Dots, & Camo are NEW Ikat and NEW Marble.

Reusable Grocery Bag w/ BacLock: We now have two more designs to add to the Green: Retro and Rings.

There are a few more items in the works for an October release, including toddler feeding bibs and a new Microfiber Deep Cleaning Powder. We have also reformulated Ultra Power Plus (now called Norwex Laundry Detergent), Liquid Laundry Detergent, Descaler, Bathroom Cleaner (formerly Blue Diamond), Dishwashing Liquid, Oven & Grill Cleaner and Stain Remover. The products with these snazzy new labels are now being formulated and manufactured in the United States near Dallas, Texas!

Which products are you most excited to see?


Bleach Wipes on the School Supply List?


In recent years, the discovered toxicity of bleach/disinfectant wipes has led many school districts to forego the usual request on back to school supply lists. Unfortunately, you may still see them on your child’s supply list, making you wonder if they are truly necessary.

If you have never looked at the back of a tub of disinfectant wipes carefully, you might not know that they specifically state to keep out of reach of children. They also state to wash your hands after using them and that you must allow a surface to stay visibly wet for 7-10 minutes in order for them to disinfect. Lastly, all of the tubs of standard disinfectant wipes that I have seen also state to wipe the disinfected surface with a damp cloth afterward if the surface will come in contact with food (or your child’s hands, which will inevitably touch food or their mouths, right?). Our skin is our largest organ–it makes sense that in most cases we shouldn’t put anything on it that we wouldn’t put in our mouths.


As parents, we have the ability to vote for change in our schools with our actions and our dollars. Instead of purchasing disposable wipes that pose risk to our children, we can bring alternatives like the Norwex EnviroCloth or EnviroCloth Travel Pack. Norwex microfiber removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface without the use of potentially harmful chemicals. In fact, instead of going to the sink to wash your hands after using a disinfecting wipe, wetting a Norwex cloth will take about the same time. Also, our cloths come with a two-year warranty, meaning that your child can use the same cloth for at least two years (and likely much longer)!

Want to purchase a set of EnviroCloths or a travel pack for your child’s classroom? You can place your order on my Norwex website HERE.

Want to create a campaign to get these reusable, incredible cloths in children’s hands at the school level? Contact me and I will set up an easy ordering system and information for distribution.

Caring for Your Cloths + Q & A

As a consultant, I often meet folks who are confused about how to care for their Norwex microfiber cloths. Sometimes they ordered them without attending a party and didn’t get the proper care and use instructions. Sometimes, their consultant didn’t explain it clearly (I was guilty of this as a new consultant). Other times, they simply “have slept” since the party and have forgotten.

If you are unsure of how to care for your cloths in the best possible way, this post is for you!

Caring for Your Microfiber

Caring for Norwex microfiber is simple and EASY. Simply remember 1, 2, 3!

  1. Use ONE drop of dish soap (or our Dishwashing Liquid) once per day or after use. Rub the fibers together under hot running water until the water runs clear. Then hang the cloth to dry.
  2. Every TWO weeks, launder and dry your microfiber in the washer/dryer.
  3. When washing, avoid these THREE things: bleach, fabric softener or dryer sheets, and linty loads. You can wash your microfiber in a load by itself, or toss into a load of jeans or sheets. NEVER towels.

Care for Your Cloths


Caring for Your Cloths Q&A:

Q: My cloths are stained and don’t have the vibrant colors that they had when I bought them. What can I do to fix that?

A: It is important to remember that a stained cloth is just as effective at cleaning as a brand new cloth. However, if your stains are unsightly and you want to improve the cloth’s appearance, I recommend boiling a pot of water, removing the pot from the burner, adding a little bit of our Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent and then soaking your cloths anywhere from 2-12 hours (overnight is best!). You can “deep clean” your cloths this way every 3-4 months, as needed.

Q: How can I prevent my cloths from getting stained?

A: I strongly recommend using a drop of dish soap (or Dishwashing Liquid) on your cloths at least once per day. This will remove most stains before they set and will prevent the build up of grime and dirt than can cause your cloth to stink after a couple of uses.

Q: My cloth feels stiff and crunchy. Machine washing the cloth is not helping! What do I do?

A. Regular maintenance of your cloths will keep this from happening very often. However, if you find that your cloths are stiff, there is probably a build up of minerals on them. To break down this build up, simply soak them in white vinegar OR add white vinegar to your deep cleaning soak.

Q. After removing my cloths from the dryer, they are no longer absorbent. What do I do?

A. Be patient. Drying your cloths in the dryer will cause the fibers to get really tight. To increase the absorbency, simply hold the cloth under warm water and rub the cloth against itself. Then it will be ready to use!

Q: I thought that the whole point of Norwex microfiber was that we don’t have to use soap. Why would I need to clean my cloths with soap?

A: It is important to note that Norwex microfiber cloths are so dense and have such a tight weave that they have the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces using only water (when following the proper care and use instructions). However, water alone is NOT enough to get all of the grime OUT of the cloths once it has been picked up. To effectively pull the dirt and residue out of the cloths, you MUST take care of them between uses and wash them twice per month in the washing machine.



Why Norwex? Save TIME.

I remember when I worked my first “Real Job” out of college, a coworker made an off-hand comment about how much time I must have had on my hands due to not having any children. I felt almost insulted by his insinuation that I must spend all of my free time doing whatever I pleased, when he was well-aware that I was putting in over fifty hours a week at the office. Little did I understand that the mourning I saw in his face was for a loss of personal time in his own life after the arrival of his three children. It really had nothing to do with me, but he was reminiscing the time that he had been able to spend on his wife and their shared hobbies in his pre-fatherhood years.

Flash forward five years later and I was far removed from my desk job with the long hours. Instead of working while eating my lunch at my desk, some days I didn’t even remember to eat. My position had shifted to a Jill-of-All-Trades (and master of none) roll, responsible for entertaining the children (a 2-year-old and a newborn), keeping them alive, and figuring out something to feed everyone at the end of the day. I had a part time job as a marketing manager for an IT company, but I felt like I could barely keep on top of what I needed to complete each week. Cleaning the home probably was in my job description, but many days I struggled just to get out of my pajamas, let alone out of the house with two small kids. Most of the time I just felt overwhelmed. How could being a mother be so wonderful and yet so terrible from day-to-day?

This was pretty much my life at the time that I attended my first Norwex party. I was easily sold on the idea of using water to clean, as it would save us money. It also seemed like a great idea to stop buying chemical cleaning products and using them around our small children. Time, however, was a harder concept for me to measure. At that point in my life, I just had so little to give–even to cleaning my house past the bare minimum.

When I returned from that Norwex party with my first EnviroCloth, my life was forever altered. I didn’t realize it while I was frantically running from room to room to erase the fingerprints from our walls (Try it.Your light switches will never be the same), but Norwex had managed to accomplish a major feat in my home: Norwex had added about 30 minutes to my day, every day. Cleaning had just become so much simpler!

At a recent facebook party, I posted the following graphic of a multitasking woman. So many times in early motherhood, I felt just like this. This graphic was me–only with the added hairbrush and nicer clothing because she obviously hasn’t given up on her life yet. One of the guests asked me how Norwex could actually save us time, since we still have to clean the same items in our homes (the kitchen counter still gets covered in crumbs, right?). I paused and thought out my answer before responding with the following example:

Save Time with Norwex

Norwex saves us time by reducing the number of products that we need to buy, store, and utilize to clean our homes. Before Norwex, I probably owned at least 5 different chemical cleaners for tackling my bathroom. I owned one spray for the shower (at least), one for the floor, one for the counter and sink, one for the mirror, and yet another to clean the toilet and the bathtub. The majority of those cleaning jobs were completed with paper towel. This means that just to clean the bathroom alone required sheet after sheet of paper towel (which wears down, rips, etc during use and gets tossed into the garbage). Between each cleaning task was another spray and another sheet. After a few minutes, the exhaust fan would go to work to try to suck out theĀ  mixed chemical smell from all of the products.

The EnviroCloth alone can remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions. This one cloth–which does not cross-contaminate–can be used to wipe down counters and sinks, toilets, showers and more. The cloth works with water alone and doesn’t require frequent breaks from gas inhalation. The best part, in my opinion, is that I can now clean my entire bathroom in at least half the time that I did prior to using Norwex and my bathroom is actually cleaner. Re-read that line again. My bathroom is actually cleaner! Norwex microfiber does such an incredible job of leaving surfaces clean that there is NO residue left behind to attract dust and dirt.

Norwex can save anyone time, regardless of their parenthood status. However, I do have a special understanding for moms out there who feel like the woman in the above graphic. If this is you, do yourself a favor and start to replace your chemical cleaners with Norwex microfiber. Our Household Package (EnviroCloth, Window Cloth and Dusting Mitt) can be used to clean 80-90% of your home with only water. Once you try these products, you will wonder why you didn’t add 30 minutes to your day sooner!

Join My Team Risk Free in February!

How often do you come across a sales job opportunity that comes with NO risk, free training and several opportunities to earn free products? Norwex is hiring and I am looking to add to my growing team! Only requirements? A love for free stuff and the desire to rid homes of potentially harmful chemicals.

jump on for free

It is ALWAYS free to join my team, as you can earn your starter kit free when you sell $2000 or more in your first 90 days. Since the average party with Norwex is at least $500, this is about 4 parties and is completely doable. However, THIS MONTH, you can join without the sales requirement. If that $2000 stipulation is what has kept you from taking the life-changing plunge into the world of Norwex, you now can join me without any risk.

Your free starter kit (pay only $9.99 shipping and handling, plus tax) includes the following items:

1- EnviroCloth

1- Window Cloth

1-Dusting Mitt

1- Two-Pack of SpiriSponges

and…A Number of Business Supplies to Get You Started!

Ready to take the plunge? Click HERE to read more or send me a message to learn more!

What Cloth for What Job?

One of the questions that I receive most often at parties is why Norwex has so many different cloths when the EnviroCloth is the multi-purpose, “everything” cloth. In answering this great question, I do my best to explain that having the right tool for the job can help you to tackle a project more efficiently (and save you some valuable time!).

This month, Norwex released a handy chart to give consultants and customers a guide for each cloth’s use. Keep this one handy the next time you clean your home!

To read more about each cloth, click the products below:


Window Cloth

Dusting Mitt

Kitchen Cloth/Towel

Scrubby Corner Cloth

All Purpose Kitchen Cloth

Kitchen Scrub Cloth


Bathroom Scrub Mitt

Which Norwex Cloth