Join My Team Risk Free in February!

How often do you come across a sales job opportunity that comes with NO risk, free training and several opportunities to earn free products? Norwex is hiring and I am looking to add to my growing team! Only requirements? A love for free stuff and the desire to rid homes of potentially harmful chemicals.

jump on for free

It is ALWAYS free to join my team, as you can earn your starter kit free when you sell $2000 or more in your first 90 days. Since the average party with Norwex is at least $500, this is about 4 parties and is completely doable. However, THIS MONTH, you can join without the sales requirement. If that $2000 stipulation is what has kept you from taking the life-changing plunge into the world of Norwex, you now can join me without any risk.

Your free starter kit (pay only $9.99 shipping and handling, plus tax) includes the following items:

1- EnviroCloth

1- Window Cloth

1-Dusting Mitt

1- Two-Pack of SpiriSponges

and…A Number of Business Supplies to Get You Started!

Ready to take the plunge? Click HERE to read more or send me a message to learn more!

What Cloth for What Job?

One of the questions that I receive most often at parties is why Norwex has so many different cloths when the EnviroCloth is the multi-purpose, “everything” cloth. In answering this great question, I do my best to explain that having the right tool for the job can help you to tackle a project more efficiently (and save you some valuable time!).

This month, Norwex released a handy chart to give consultants and customers a guide for each cloth’s use. Keep this one handy the next time you clean your home!

To read more about each cloth, click the products below:


Window Cloth

Dusting Mitt

Kitchen Cloth/Towel

Scrubby Corner Cloth

All Purpose Kitchen Cloth

Kitchen Scrub Cloth


Bathroom Scrub Mitt

Which Norwex Cloth