How Do I Get Guests to Come to My Norwex Presentation?

It pains me to write this, but there are still a LOT of people who have never heard about Norwex. In fact, even though Norwex products are being used in one out of every six homes in Canada, the current usage in the United States is below 1%! On one hand, this is great for YOU, the hostess! You can be the first to introduce these life-changing products to your friends and family while earning items from your wish list for free. However, sometimes my hosts send out invites and receive confused responses from potential guests who are not familiar with Norwex. This post is for you!

Below, I have listed some of my favorite tips for getting your guests to want to attend your Norwex presentation.

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First of all, give your guests a reason (or two or three) to attend.

Why should your guests attend a Norwex presentation? Three reasons:

  1. Norwex saves your guests TIME. Our products make it possible to clean your home in less than half the time!
  2. Norwex saves MONEY. Our microfiber cloths come with a two-year warranty and replace expensive disposable products like paper towel, cleaning solutions, wet & dry sweeping mop pads and disinfecting wipes. Your guests are already buying these items, so buying Norwex products is actually just replacing items that are already on their shopping lists!
  3. Norwex saves you from EXPOSURE TO POTENTIALLY HARMFUL CHEMICALS. I can’t tell you all the ways that conventional cleaning chemicals can be harmful to your health (and neither can the manufacturers of these products, as the majority have never been tasted for long-term effects on human health), but I assure you that nothing is safer than water for cleaning!

Send out your invites two weeks before your party, if possible.

If you send out your invites too early, you are bound to receive a lot of cancellations from guests who committed early, but ended up making other plans. At the two week mark, MOST of your friends will know what they are doing the week of the party and can respond more accurately. If you are sending out paper invites, I recommend three weeks so that the guests will have a two week heads up.

Unable to get your invites out this early due to a last minute presentation booking? No problem! Short notice parties are often some of the most successful–everyone know what they are doing this week! You are less likely to have cancellations when your guests are only looking one week out in their planner. Ultimately, you know your friends and family and what they typically prefer (just don’t try to get them to commit a month out!).

Utilize multiple forms of invitation.

Send a Facebook event invite, text message, email, snail mail, call or instant message. Try a combination. You don’t need to send all of these to each guest (please don’t!), but don’t invite only one way and expect every guest to respond. Some of your guests will respond best to a personal call or text, while others are on Facebook daily and respond quickly to an event invite. Go ahead and invite in more than one format. The second invite might be the reminder that some of your guests will need to R.S.V.P.!

Weekday parties are awesome.

I work my Norwex business during the week and during the weekend, but most people have weekend plans (like sports events, date nights, trips and family obligations) planned in advance. If it seems like most of your friends are busy on the weekends, schedule your party for a Tuesday or Thursday! Your guests are more likely to attend, to arrive on time, be controlled with their discussions and leave at a reasonable hour. Thursdays are top party nights for me during the week.

Provide food.

Please do not scour Pinterest for days to create a spread worthy of a magazine cover. Too much food and your guests will either focus on the food (rather the presentation), or much of the food (and your efforts) will go to waste. Keep it simple with cheese and crackers, fruit or vegetables and a light dessert. Feel free to take a photo of this dessert and post it to your Facebook event page the day of the party with a shameless reminder that you are looking forward to seeing your guests that night.

Lastly: Pre-orders, Catalog Parties and Facebook Events.

You can offset an under-attended party by collecting outside orders. Actually, ALL hosts should try to collect a few pre-orders by bringing a catalog to their workplace, church or child’s preschool. Have a guest who is interested in coming but has a conflict? Offer to give them the catalog to review and ask if they might be interested in hosting their own presentation.

If all else fails–or if the majority of your guests are out-of-state–consider hosting a Norwex Facebook Party. I do these all of the time and they usually have a decent response. I keep them to 1-1.5 hours on a weeknight. You can also supplement a Facebook event with catalog and pre-party orders to ensure that you hit the monthly hostess reward level that you are trying to earn!

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